Floor Cleaning Services

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Having a clean floor not only looks great, but it also helps your floor last longer by reducing aging that results from wear and tear. If you need to have the floors of your home cleaned, it may be best to call in a professional. This is because the floor cleaning method that is used will often depend on the type of flooring you have. A professional cleaner, such as Badon’s Cleaning, will determine the correct method needed to ensure that your floor is sparkling clean without causing damage to the surface. Read on to learn about some of the most common flooring materials and the best way to clean them.

  1. Laminate floors

Laminate flooring can be vacuumed, dusted, or cleaned with a damp mop. It is best to not use soap detergents because this can leave a dull film. Removing stains with abrasive cleaning solutions can scratch the laminate. Professional floor cleaners know the best cleaning solution to remove different stains on laminate floors without damage.

  1. Linoleum floors

Dirt and dust on linoleum floors can be removed by vacuuming or sweeping with a broom. These floors can be mopped with detergent or a floor cleaner designed to be used on linoleum. Cleaners will also often use nylon pads to remove any marks or stains.

  1. Stone floors

Stone flooring can stain easily, so you will want to hire a cleaner who has experience in cleaning stone. It is also best to protect stone floors from stains with a sealant. Sealed stone floors are typically mopped with a detergent solution.

  1. Vinyl floors

The cleaning method for vinyl floors is similar to linoleum. Vinyl floors can be vacuumed of mopped. Any stains can be removed with a cleaning solution that is designed for vinyl flooring.

  1. Terracotta tile floors

Terracotta floors typically need a special cleaning solution and polish. Be sure to ask your professional cleaner about the best cleaning solution for your specific brand of the tile floor.

  1. Ceramic tile floors

Unlike terracotta, ceramic tiles do not need a special cleaning solution. They can be washed with a mild detergent or steam-cleaned to remove all dirt and debris.

Cleaning your floors will help protect the surface and should be a part of any home cleaning schedule. Get in touch with Badon’s Cleaning to learn more about our professional floor cleaning services and how we can help you find the right cleaning schedule for your needs. Our cleaners have experience using many types of floor cleaning techniques, equipment, and cleaning solutions. We will inspect your home so we can choose the right one for your floor. Our team can be reached by phone or email and are happy to provide you with a free price quote. Reach out to us today.